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Scientific publication support

Presentation of medical research findings at international standards

The services on presentation of research findings at scientific meetings and their publication that we provide as scientific publication support can be grouped under 3 main categories: Abstract writing, preparation of posters or PowerPoint presentations, and article writing.
Some or all of the following can be provided upon request:

  • Literature review – review of national and international scientific journals and resources
  • Abstract writing and submission to the meetings / conferences
  • Preparation and printing of posters and handouts
  • Preparation of PowerPoint presentations
  • Statistical analyses and interpretation of the results
  • Manuscript preparation (in Turkish or in English)
  • Manuscript revision according to the uniform requirements of medical articles
  • Manuscript review of the statistical analyses and the interpretation of the results
  • Translation (TR to ENG / ENG to TR)
  • Editing (in English)
  • Guidance on appropriate journal selection
  • Reviewing and revising manuscripts according to the instructions of the journal
  • Manuscript submission to the journal (via mail, e-mail, or online) and decision follow-up
  • Reviewing and revising the manuscript with a referee’s point of view
  • Revising the manuscript based on the views and comments of the editor/reviewers of the journal it was submitted to